We Perform Common Bathroom Repairs Daily

Our Santa Cruz plumbing specialists are called in to handle plumbing issues n bathrooms more often than anywhere else. This isn't unexpected because most household water use occurs in the bathroom.  We flush almost half of the water we use every day down the toilet. We also run the faucet n the sink while we brush our teeth or wash our hands. We take showers and baths. The bathroom is plumbing central.

Alt TextToilet Repairs

Some of the most common repairs occur with the toilet. Toilets can leak from a bad flapper, leak a foul smell from a bad wax seal or drip from a broken inlet seal. By calling in a professional plumbing contractor from our Santa Cruz plumbing service you could save hundreds of gallons of waste water per week and eliminate that lingering bathroom smell. Of course, if you don't already have a low flow toilet, it might be best to replace the entire toilet instead of just making a quick fix.

Alt TextShower Repairs

Showers can leak from any number of joints in the piping system. This often happens because calcium builds up on the shower head and causes poor water pressure coming out of the head. The pressure that would normally be release here is then forced on the interior pipe joints. These joints can then rupture and cause serious damage to pipes behind the walls. A leak behind the walls is one of the most insidious because you almost never realize it's there.

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Sink and Tub Repairs

Sinks and tubs often begin leaking at the drain seal. These leaks are often quite slow and not easily detected. They can cause long-term damage by creating an area that is primed for mold and mildew growth. Because this happens in areas that a very rarely inspected, the mold or mildew problem can grow to a size where structural damage can occur. In addition, a poorly caulked tub can result in water getting behind and underneath the tub. This can be potentially devastating because the wood the holds up the tub may be weakened by mold and mildew build-up. If your tub is on the second floor it could potentially fall through to the first! 

Our Santa Cruz Plumbers Offer Preventative Maintenance

Our plumbing contractors in Santa Cruz are highly trained professionals that can identify these types of problems before they occur and help you, and your family, prevent possible plumbing catastrophes from happening to you. Call us for an inspection today.

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